Every Audacity Preference Explained In One Video

In this Audacity lesson I painstakingly go through every single option in the preferences menu within audacity and give in-depth explanations and examples for each one. This is a great way to learn some of Audacity's hidden features, as well as have a deeper understanding of the software. Time-stamps below for each section of preferences. If you really want to learn nearly all there is to know about Audacity, many people recommend this book http://amzn.to/2jfcqHm time stamps: 00:01:00 devices 00:04:38 playback 00:10:39 recording 00:20:28 quality 00:28:10 interface 00:33:36 tracks 00:52:06 spectrograms 00:53:53 import and export 00:58:22 extended import 00:59:13 projects 01:00:16 directories 01:00:28 warnings 01:01:09 effects 01:02:32 keyboard 01:02:58 mouse 01:03:34 modules