Recording Drums In Audacity - Learn Audacity Together #1

This is the first of a series of Audacity tutorials I'm making called, Learn Audacity Together. In this episode I go over how to record multi-channel drums to a click track in Audacity. I recorded with 4 mics. One on the kick, one on the snare, and two overheads. I also decided to upload the full project files to Google drive to download. Download them here They're compressed in a .tar.gz file, so you just need to decompress it to a folder on your hard drive then you can open any of the .aup files in Audacity. On the next episode I'll go over mixing these files and how to turn them into drum loops. Note that the distortion on the right channel of the vid towards the end seems to be a result of the video rendering, it's not in the Audacity recording itself. The mics I used on the session are: Kick - Snare - Overheads x 2 -